Saptha Kannimar

Saptha Kanni means, 7 female Goddess of Tamil culture. They are the most powerful gods in Tamil Culture.

The Saptha Kannimar:

Below are the names of Saptha Kannimar:

Brameshwari (Brammi)

Saptha kannigal - Speech by Sri Siva Shankar Baba - YouTube

Kanni is pure Tamil word and hence belongs to the Tamil community.

Vaaraahi is in Thanjai Big temple and was favorite Goddess for Raja Raja Chola, the great.

Just like Linga and Shaktism, it’s Tamil non-vedic and pre-aryan worship. Found all over the India. Due to migration of Vedic people, lost its importance.

Supta Kanni temples are found in many villages of Northern Tamil Nadu particularly, Tanjavoor, Trichy, Thiruvallur, South Arcot, North Arocot, Salem, Dharmapuri, Coimbatote and Chengam districts. It is not found in other parts of South India and not worshiped in North India.

However, Sapta Kanni appear in most of the north India Archaeological sites (before Vedic period culture) which date 1500 BC-300 CE. Some site were considered to be Orche culture pottery which is different from Indus site and Vedic painted grey ware site. This proves that Supta Kannimar is very special to Tamil community worship.

Kannimar Temples in Tamil Nadu

  1. Sri Kannimar thirukkovil is located in Issukazhi katteri, (near Thandarai), Tiruvannamalai. Saptha Kannigal Brahmi, Maheshwari, Kowmaari, Vaishnavi, Indraani, Varaahi and Chaamundi are the deities of this Village and it is believed that they protect their families and village from diseases, floods, drought and other calamities. They bring prosperity to the people.
  2. Sri Kannimar Thiru Kovil is located in Sakkayanayakkanur village which is located on the Sembatti Road which leads to Palani. GPS Coordinate of the Temple.
  3. The Saptha Kannimar temple is located in Sethumadai village, which is located 25 km from Pollachi Town in Coimbatore District.
  4. Saptha Kannimar ancient temple located at kadathur village, Kallakkurichi t.k, Villuppuram, Tamil Nadu
  5. Saptha Kanniyar temple also located at Uththamar koil near Tiruchirapalli in Tamil Nadu.
  6. Kannimar Temple located at Tiruchengode Town was built about 200 years ago by the farmers around the temple.
  7. Kannimar temple located at Thiruvallur (dist), Thomur (vill) via Kanakkammachathiram was built in ancient days.
  8. Chennai: Kannimar temple located at Saiva Muthiah 6th Street, Royapettah, Chennai.
  9. Chennai(Velachery): Saptha Kanniyar is also present in Velachery-Baby Nagar-Thiru vedhi Amman temple
  10. Kannimar Temple located at Vellor district, 2 km inside Ponnai Village, S. N. Palayam: Temple built in the year 2009
  11. Kannimar Temple located in Padalam near Chengelpet.
  12. Saptha Kannimar Temple is located near Sullerumbu Village ( Vedasandur to Oddanchatram Road). It is a Kula deivam temple for Soppiyavar Kulam of 24 manai Telugu Chettiar Community
  13. Kannimar Temple is located in Elachipalayam, Karumathampatti, Coimbatore.
  14. Saptha Kannimar temple is located in dharapuram in nattukalpalayam village. It is a Kula deivam temple for pasupulluvaru kulam of Telugu devanga chettiar community. It is a powerful god for the particular kulam community peoples.
  15. An ancient kannimar temple is located near kodumudi. The temple is located at vattakkal valasu near karmandam palayam. this place comes between erode and kodumudi. The temple is an ancient temple and is located on the banks of river Cauvery. The temple is surrounded by evergreen agricultural land. And in the temple there is a terra cotta statue of the goddesses, which is believed 200plus year old. And it is Kula theivam for Murugan Kothiram, Solamudali Kothiram,

Kannimar Kothiram of some Tamil communities and other Devotees from all over Tamil Nadu frequently visit this temple. Every new moon day there is a grand pooja which is witnessed by a large group of devotees from all over Tamil Nadu. And it is a must visit for all Kannimar devotees.

  1. saptha kannigal in kovilur@ thanjavur district
  2. Saptha Kannigal temple located in Kovilur which is between Punnainallur Mariamman temple and Poondi in Thanjavur district which is believed to be 1000+ years old temple. Chola Kingdom worshiped the god before going to war. This saptha kannigal are one of the parivara devathaigal of kathayee amman is moolavar in the temple. Every pournami homam is conducted here
  3. Sri sapthakannimaar amman in Palavanatham
  4. Temple located near Salem–>Vembadithalam—>Venpalayam worshipped as Kula devivam for Anthelaaru Devanga chettiar.
  5. Kannimar temple nilakkottai taluk, sekkapatty village, jampu odai bank of vaikai river, this temple kulipatti gavaras kuladeivam.
  6. Saptha Kannimar temple is located in Elangaadu village near Thirukkattupalli in Thanjavur district.
  7. Saptha kanniyar temple is located at Kunnaththur,Vellore district. Here goddesses are worshipped by regular poojas and special poojas in the month of Aadi and Thai.
  8. Saptha kannimar temple is located in sembiyanmadevi. kallakurichi district( salem-chennai bye pass road).
  9. Saptha kannimar is located in Sendurai, Natham Tk. DIndigul District.
  10. Saptha kannimar temple is located in ayyampettai. Tanjavur district

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